Windows 平台 iOS 设备管理器 DigiDNA iMazing 2.8.3 中文多语免费版

排列三试机号今天 Windows 平台 iOS 设备管理器 DigiDNA iMazing 2.8.3 中文多语免费版

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摘要:DigiDNA iMazing 2.8 中文多语免费版由大眼仔旭(排列三试机号今天发布。iMazing for Windows 是 Windows 平台上的一款帮助用户管理 IOS 手机的应用程序,iMazing for Windows 能力远超 iTunes 提供的终极的 iOS 设备管理器。IMaz…

DigiDNA iMazing 2.8 中文多语免费版排列三试机号今天(排列三试机号今天发布。iMazing for Windows 是 Windows 平台上的一款帮助用户管理 IOS 手机的应用程序,iMazing for Windows 能力远超 iTunes 提供的终极的 iOS 设备管理器。IMazing 与你的 iOS 设备 (iPhone、 iPad 或 iPod)相连,使用起来非常的方便。作为苹果指定的 iOS 设备同步工具,iTunes 在 OS X 平台扮演着举足轻重的角色。殊不知,在很早之前就有这么一款软件,自始至终都在挑战 iTunes 的作用,它就是本文的主角 iMazing。

DigiDNA iMazing 中文多语免费版 Windows 平台 iOS 设备管理器

DigiDNA iMazing 中文多语免费版 Windows 平台 iOS 设备管理器

iMazing for Windows 功能

您可以:将音乐从任何 iOS 设备上进行复制(即使是从一个 iOS 设备到另一个!) ;它的音乐复制如何,你总是希望它可以无限制备份 & 还原个别的 iOS 应用程序和自定义保存的数据,完美腾出你的 iOS 设备上的空间,而不会丢失您的文件 (或在游戏中的进度) 或复制该应用程序作为-是另一个 iOS 设备。

iMazing for Windows 软件特色

1、传输文件,从 iOS 设备上,以及浏览 iOS 文件系统。
2、使用你的 iOS 设备像外部驱动器。
3、浏览和保存消息 (短信,彩信,iMessage)、 语音邮件和呼叫日志,没有哪个 iTunes 可以做。
4、浏览、 保存并将联系人添加到你的 iPhone,而不会自动将其添加到您的 iCloud 账户。
5、管理多个相同的 iOS 设备和还原备份中的任何一个 (类似于时间机器的 iOS)。


DigiDNA iMazing 2.8 更新日志
This version introduces support for browsing, exporting and printing WhatsApp data, as well as a completely overhauled message data extraction and PDF generation engine for Messages.

Browsing Messages and WhatsApp chats

Loading times greatly improved
Supports arbitrarily large quantities of messages, even on older computers
New displayed data types

Subject line (Messages)
Message Status (sent, delivered, read)
Group events (who joined or left and when, more…)
Service type change (SMS, MMS, iMessage)
(Optional) Contact details (email or phone number)
Windows: Emojis are finally displayed in all their colorful glory

Added date range filter
Added search in conversations (find all threads or chats whith a specific contact)
Text search now retains context when cleared (search for a word, select a message in the result and clear search to identify which chat the message belongs to)
Export behaviours

Added contextual menu on threads
Selecting multiple threads no longer aggregates their content, instead used for bulk export of multiple conversations
Drag out selection with attachments only will export attachments. Drag out selection containing text will export to PDF

Videos, audio clips and GIFs can now be played within the view
Shared locations are displayed as such, and can be opened in Google maps or exported as links
Shared URLs displayed with site description, and can be opened in default browser or exported as links
Shared vCards containing multiple contacts are now exported to split vCards on Windows for better compatibility
Exporting to PDF and Printing
iMazing now features native PDF generation, allowing for greatly improved performance and expanded features when both exporting to PDF and printing both Messages conversations and Whatsapp chats.

Bulk export of threads to PDF (split files or single file)
Choose scale, margins and orientation
Choose paper size

Chat session name and participant details in header
Page numbers in footer
Extraction metadata in footer (great for increased legal weight)
Exporting to CSV or TXT
New fields in CSV exports:

Delivered date
Read Date
Service Type (SMS, MMS, iMessage)
Sender name
Sender contact details (email or phone number)
Attachment type
(Optional) Include header row
(Optional) Include thread/chat name (useful for bulk exports to spreadsheets)
Text exports now optionally include:

Chat session name
Sender (group chats)
Status (Sent, Delivered, Read)
Attachment informations
Separator between messages
Fixes and smaller changes in 2.8
Apple TV: Improved wireless pairing of 4k models
Apps: when searching in the App Store, iMazing no longer defaults to the US store
Apps: don’t offer update of apps if the update is incompatible with the iOS version of the target device
Apps: improved restore of multiple .imazingapp files at the same time which in some cases could cause a ‘Unique constraint’ SQLite error
Device Info: dual e-SIM info is now displayed
iMazing Mini: fixed rare case where iMazing Mini thread count would keep rising when the app has been running for 10+ days without interruption
Media sync: copy to Photos, Music, Ringtones and Videos now use much less CPU
Music: improved exporting playlists to iTunes
Music: fixed case where a special character in the Album Artist tag would cause tracks to be copied as separate albums
Photos: better handling of copying photos to iOS when the photo library of the target device is empty or nearly empty
Photos: fixed ‘Error communicating with device’ error when there are more than 5’000 photos in synced albums
Photos: better interaction with albums originally synced with iTunes
Restore: when restoring a backup without erasing the target device, iMazing will no longer uninstall apps which are on the target device but not in the backup
Voice memos: better handling of missing or corrupt files in bulk exports

该软件需要?Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 以上环境才能运行。


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